Künstliche Intelligenz wird das menschliche Gehirn nicht ersetzen? ¿La inteligencia artificial no reemplazará al cerebro humano? Inteligência artificial não substituirá o cérebro humano? L\'intelligence artificielle ne remplacera pas le cerveau humain ? L\'intelligenza artificiale non sostituirà il cervello umano?
By Alain, the 05.06.2019

Why artificial intelligence will not replace the human brain?

Why artificial intelligence will not replace the human brain?
Artificial intelligence has made great progress in recent years, so will it eventually replace the human brain or not? This is what our specialists think.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the specific strengths of digital. Involved in automation processes, it is popular with most humans. From smartphones (smartphones) to facial recognition algorithms, artificial intelligence is involved in various fields to meet the expectations of modernization. For this, it is important to provide explanations on this notion which seems complex for the majority of the Net surfers. How is artificial intelligence conceived? What are his limits ? And what makes the human brain unique?

How is artificial intelligence conceived?

Artificial intelligence is a set of codes written throughout an algorithm. The latter gives birth to flexible software that is able to learn more and acquire new concepts. This is made possible thanks to the programming that allows said applications to recognize and read text, image, video, audio files ...

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence VS human brain

Once this step is complete, the software is embedded in a computer so that it can get used to the features and easily execute commands. For this purpose, computer specialists introduce large amounts of data (big data) into the memory of the machine and solicit it for the realization of a specific task. For example, the computer can be asked to recognize a specific face from thousands of photos made available to it. This ability allows him to review an impressive amount of information with velocity. Thus, the machine becomes more capable of performing operations more accurately and faster than a human.

The importance of the algorithm in artificial intelligence

The specific actions that the computer performs are induced by well-defined algorithms. The program that allows a machine to recognize a face differs from the one that will cause it to identify a person's hand. Thus, in order to equip computers with several functionalities, computer scientists combine different algorithms to achieve the desired objectives. This association is called 'computer neural network'. The latter obviously differs from the human brain, but promotes the analysis of a variety of data.

Artificial intelligence and algorithm

Algorithms in artificial intelligence

The other difference lies in the fact that the operation of the artificial neural network is governed by algorithms that link the data to each other. In addition, the execution of complex tasks may require the use of several neural networks. Thus, as soon as the computer learns to recognize a face, it will be able to identify it again even if it undergoes some changes.

In short, the possibilities of artificial intelligence are infinite. It suffices that it has enough data and a great deal of computing power. It is these innovations that have led to automation in large firms and brought robots to replace the workforce. Machines with artificial intelligence can also perform precision work of a 'dangerous' nature for humans. These include mine decontamination or cleaning of areas affected by nuclear warheads.

Can it replace the human brain?

Artificial intelligence is present in many areas. It makes it easier for men to accomplish their tasks. Whether in medicine, finance or education, AI is a crucial aid to specialists. Moreover, with the development of science, this form of intelligence will promote the mobility of the elderly in the years to come. However, artificial intelligence can not replace human intelligence. Indeed, it remains the reference in terms of supercomputer in the world and uses very little energy to operate. In contrast, sophisticated machines consume large amounts of energy for order fulfillment.

What makes the uniqueness of the human brain?

The human brain is very complex and is, until now, the subject of advanced research in neuroscience. It has billions of neurons that give it the ability to perform calculations that no machine can do. Moreover, men's conceptions can not yet resemble the human brain, because the totality of the human brain's abilities still remains a mystery to science.

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