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By Alain, the 26.06.2019

What are the best free torrents sites?

What are the best free torrents sites?
You want to watch a movie streaming, but you do not know which torrents sites to go to. Then discover the best free torrents sites.

Would you like to download movies with torrents? Whether it's a slow streaming connection or just wanting a list of movies on hand, downloading has never been easier.

The best torrents sites

The choice of films or series that can be found on free torrents sites is infinite. Find 3 of our best site recommendations for your torrents.


There are thousands of torrents on Torrent9 and the site is exclusively in French. You will have the advantage of having quality files with a format of your choice. Downloading on Torrent9 does not require registration and downloading is fast.


Torrent website: Torrent9

The site changes, however, quite often. But, it will not be a problem if you use an old address. Indeed, they redirect the old addresses automatically to the new


Cpasbien is one of the best-known and most used French torrents sites. You can easily find all the movies or series you are looking for. In addition, the site is updated quickly on the latest releases in the room.


Download your movies on Cpasbien

However, you must register to download the torrents. In addition, the advertisements are numerous on the site and you could find them invasive.


Omgtorrent is a torrent site that has existed for a long time. You can easily find your favorite movies and the latest news. Indeed, the site updates torrents every hour. You can watch the films in French or in the original version with subtitling.


Download Site: Omgtorrent

Like many free torrent sites, Omgtorrent often changes address and is not indexed by Google. Its current address is omgtorrent.cz.

Download movies

Downloading movies is easy with some free torrents sites. Although the best sites often change their address to avoid tracking, it remains easy to find them. Thus, you can enjoy torrents movies in French through quality sites.

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