Wie wähle ich meine Uhr nach meinem Stil aus? ¿Cómo elegir tu reloj según tu estilo? Como escolher o seu relógio de acordo com o seu estilo? Comment faire pour choisir sa montre selon son style ? Come scegliere il tuo orologio in base al tuo stile?
By Marie, the 17.06.2019

How to choose a watch that fits his style?

How to choose a watch that fits his style?
True fashion accessory, the watch reveals your style. Much more than a simple ornament, she speaks about you. Reason why, you have to choose your watch according to your style.

When buying a watch, it is very important to consider its characteristics. Is it sustainable? What about its tightness? What are the different features available to it? All these little details make a watch unique and differentiate it from another. So remember to learn best on a model before buying and watches that are in fashion.

Characteristics of your watch

In addition to the characteristics of the watch, the materials of which it is made are also to be taken into account when choosing a new watch if we want it to match our style. The watch that suits you, is not necessarily part of the most expensive watches in the world.

The watch's glass

Glass is the surface that protects the watch from shocks and accidents. Watchmakers generally use three types of glasses in watch construction, namely:

The case of the watch

The case of the watch is the part that holds the dial, the caseband and the bezel. It is made of different materials and presents various forms.

The bracelet of the watch

This is the part that makes the most, the charm of a watch. The bracelet of a watch can be leather, metal or rubber.

The different models of watches

There are different types of watches. They are distinguished from each other by their mechanism (mode of operation). Thus, there is:

Find the perfect watch

Finding the right watch is not always easy. The most important thing is to let yourself be guided by your desires and needs before buying one. Know that a watch is perfect only when you feel comfortable with it. She will accompany you every day.

Choose a watch

How to choose your watch

If you choose it well, it will not fail to sublimate each of your outfits. It should be neither too big nor too small, but rather proportional to your wrist. This is why you must at all costs try it before you buy it. Only by wearing it on your wrist will you know if it's right for you. Avoid especially bling-bling models, a little too flashy. Round, rectangular, square or oval, bet on simplicity to find the watch that will beautify your wrist.

Remember that a watch is not chosen at random. You must consider several criteria before finding the right one. But the most important thing is to choose your watch according to your style.

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