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By Alain, the 07.10.2019

How to create an animated GIF quickly

How to create an animated GIF quickly
You are probably looking for something to spice up your best moments on the Internet and you want to create something personalized. Make way for animated GIFs, you can make your friends and families laugh, sharing captivating and unforgettable moments, or even advertise.

On the web, and especially on social and professional networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others, the animated GIF or Graphics Interchange Format has become very popular. The latter is literally a digital image exchange format, invented since 1987. Today, it is one of the most widely used image formats on the Internet. This concept results from the combination of two media, namely image and video, which results in a short animation.

How to create an animated Gif

There are several ways to make an animated GIF, you can do it from images or from a video using different software that can easily be found on the Internet. These different programs will allow you to create an animated gif easily and quickly.

Create an animated GIF from images

The GIF being an animated image, the result is a kind of small discontinuous video. Indeed, it can be created from the combination of several images in succession. To do this, just choose photos that have been taken in a burst. The photos must have the same sizes and lights to avoid that the animation is of poor quality. They must then be assembled in a single folder, on a telephone or computer.

There are many tools for converting static images into animated GIFs, the most commonly used of which are:

Create an animated GIF from a video

People have a wide choice for animated GIFs made from videos. They can create an animation with their personal videos or downloaded files.

The transformations are done using the software dedicated to this purpose. These all work in the same way. Just import a video, or copy the link from the video to a GIF creator, then choose the passage to transform, as well as the start and end sequence of the animation. These software or sites are:

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