Das Herren Crop Top wird diesen Sommer im Trend liegen! ¡La camiseta de corte para hombre estará de moda este verano! O top de colheita masculino estará na moda neste verão! Le crop top pour hommes sera tendance cet été ! Il crop top maschile sarà alla moda quest\'estate!
By Marie, the 16.06.2019

What is the crop top for men?

What is the crop top for men?
You hear more and more often about the crop crop for men and you want to understand what it is? Here's all you need to know about this trendy men's fashion.

The crop top for women is certainly not unknown to you, because it knew hours of glory and is always very popular with women. But have you ever seen or worn the men's version?

The crop top for men

The men's version of this garment is also a little top, but for men. This is the subject of great controversy and opinions are divided as to its merits. Nevertheless, he embodies the trend this summer. But where does it come from?

A fashion man from the 80's

It is towards the end of the Eighties that the first crop top for man made its appearance. At the time, it was the famous singer Prince who wore it for one of his concerts. If the reasons that pushed him to put this small top are unknown, it should be known that in the sports halls, it became a must.

Crop top for men

Crop top for men ASOS

In these rooms, it was forbidden to stay shirtless. The men then cut their t-shirts by challenge. Until the 90s, many stars such as Will Smith, Johnny Depp and Adam Sandler have exhibited on the screens.

The crop top for men is the trend 2019

The little man's top is now a smashing comeback and comes in several colors. Some models are even so short that they shock more than one. However, the trend does not seem to stop and major brands offer models that rival ingenuity and originality.

So, would you wear it?

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