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By Lucie, the 27.05.2019

What is the difference between black magic and white magic?

Beyond conjuring tricks, white magic as well as black magic represents occult forces that we can not see and that can have real effects on our existence or that of others.

Since the beginning of Humanity, magic has had an impact on men, whether it is adopted by sorcerers or decried by refractory, and especially Christianity.

White magic and black magic

Classically, magic is divided into two practices, namely white magic and black magic. Also, if you are interested in spells and rituals, know that it is necessary to differentiate between these two processes that are not used for the same purposes.

White magic to do good

This magic consists in appealing to the forces of nature. Used for positive purposes, it is mainly used preventively to, for example, cure physical and moral ills or to protect oneself from possible financial or professional problems. It can thus bring luck if one wishes that something precise is realized. The person wishing to try it must pronounce the incantations by being the most honest and benevolent possible; for this she must be animated by a real desire to do good.

It is also possible to use it to remove the unwanted effects of a spell, it is disemboweling. Several methods are then possible: the most common, used mostly in South Africa is to burn objects while pronouncing incantations to repel the evil forces. The other way is to use lead. Another way is to run protection circles by using salt.

Black magic to harm others

Unlike white magic, black magic tends to do evil. Since the Middle Ages this magic is strongly attacked by the Catholic religion, as well as any form of magic. Black magic is dangerous in the sense that it consists of the incantation of demonic and evil spirits to harm a certain person. The spells pronounced will have the effect of alienating his free will, to influence it negatively, even to create an attack on his property, his work, his couple.

To cast spells one must be aware of the risks that might arise; calling the demons is never inconsequential, especially if you do not master the use of this magic. Among the invocations listed is the separation spell that will serve to separate a couple, friends or associates. There is also the fate of the evil eye, used by people who, through revenge or jealousy, wish that the target is suffering mental and physical disorders.

The importance of magic

It will be seen that magic can have multiple and more or less important effects for the person concerned. The occult laws that govern these practices still escape scientific reasoning; however, we must note the importance of magic in our current culture: magic still has something to fascinate us.

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