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By Marie, the 14.06.2019

How to lose weight with essential oils

How to lose weight with essential oils
Do you want to lose weight with summer? Have you thought about essential oils to lose weight without having to go on a diet that deprives you of all that you love.

Who says losing weight does not necessarily mean diet. It is possible to lose weight thanks to essential oils. Healthy and fragrant, they are real slimming allies and will allow you to not gain weight this summer to be at the top of the beach.

Use an essential oil in your diet

Its most common application is its use as a massage oil. Apply a few drops on the areas to be treated (belly, thighs, arms, etc.), in the morning and in the evening. The massage allows the oil to infiltrate the body to reduce water retention, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins; but also to firm the skin.

Lose weight thanks to essential oils

Essential oils that make you lose weight

In addition to massage, some people add essential oil in their salads or in their juice. This provides better digestion and improves intestinal transit, which helps to lose weight. Others inhale the scented essential oil to avoid nibbling. Inhalation acts as an appetite suppressant by calming the need to eat and provides a feeling of satiety.

What essential oil to use to lose weight?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main essential oils that will allow you to lose weight.

Integrate the essential oil in its diet allows you to lose weight effectively, without necessarily starting to follow a diet with strict rules.

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