Playstation 5 (PS5): Erscheinungsdatum, Preise und Funktionen Playstation 5 (PS5): fecha de lanzamiento, precios y características Playstation 5 (PS5): data de lançamento, preços e recursos Playstation 5 (PS5) : date de sortie, prix et caractéristiques Playstation 5 (PS5): data di uscita, prezzi e caratteristiche
By Alain, the 01.10.2019

What is the release date, price and features of the PS 5

What is the release date, price and features of the PS 5
As usual, Sony will soon release its new version of PlayStation, the PS5, with new technologies and innovative features. Are you a fan of Sony products and looking forward to the release of the PlayStation 5? Find out everything you need to know about this new Sony console.

Since its official release, PlayStation 4 continues to be a hit with gamers around the world. This success is mainly due to the launch of its Slim, Pro and PlayStation VR versions. However, the end of the cycle of the PS4 is announced little by little with the imminent appearance of his successor, the PS5.

Indeed, we already hear that the PlayStation 5 corresponding to the 5th generation of Sony PlayStation consoles, will be released soon. This revolutionary product would have a new processor, a more powerful graphics card with a SSD so fast that the loading time in games will no longer exist.

When is the release of the PS5?

For the moment, we do not have yet with certainty of the release date of the PS5 on the French territory. Nevertheless, one thing is certain, the PlayStation of the 5th generation will not be released in 2019. This is further confirmed with the absence of Sony E3. Something that never happened before.

In addition, Sony recently confirmed the release of the PlayStation 5 in 2020. Still remember that it could be announced in 2020 and officially release in 2021. Sony has also announced that the PS5 will be released at the same time as the PS5 Pro.

The price of the PS5

To evaluate the price of the PS5, it is necessary to know all the features it offers. Without concrete information on the product, it is not possible to set an amount.

On the other hand, we obtained declarations affirming that the PS5 could possibly be proposed to 499 €, is 100 € more than the PlayStation 4. It is indeed a cost similar to that of the most powerful console on the market, the Xbox One X.

The price increase would be due to the presence of a new processor, a recent graphics card and an internal SSD memory.

PS5 will look like what?

Many design images have been shared on the internet. We believe that the PS5 will keep its sober style with its black box and blue LED, but it will be much more elegant and refined.

Adding the PlayStation Now service and their digital versions would remove the discs. The console will therefore have a more compact appearance.

In terms of design, the patent found by LetsGoDigital gives us a small glimpse of what Sony holds for us. Indeed, the PS5 has a look totally different from previous models. We get a V-shaped design, an architecture that improved the ventilation of the machine to prevent overheating. We would therefore benefit from a quieter console.

In addition, the patent discovered attests that the PlayStation 5 was made by Yusuhiro Ootori, one of the technical directors of Sony. It also certifies that the console has a Locarno classification (14.02) identical to the PS4.

In addition, Sony has not yet spoken about the design of the PS5. So we can expect everything, but the PS5 will be more fun than the PS4

The characteristics of the PS5?

The PlayStation 5 will feature a third-generation processor based on the AMD manufacturer's Ryzen lineup with eight 7nm Zen 2 cores. The video game console will also be equipped with an AMD signed graphics card with a crafted unit for 3D audio that offers surround sound and more immersive.

The GPU of the console will be a version of the Navi Radeon chip and will support Ray Tracing. It is a graphic technology that shows the reflections of light on water or objects. An excellent gain of realism.

Thanks to the integration of SSD memory, the console will be able to offer the best performance for games and powerful graphics. The lead architect of PlayStation, Mark Cerny, has also demonstrated during his test the breathtaking speed of loading the prototype of the PS5.

The console of Sony would have similarities with the next Microsoft console, the Xbox Scarlett. However, some designers claim that the Sony console would be more efficient.

Here is the information available on the next PlayStation. Remember that Sony is not against the design of a portable PS5 as with the PSP and PS Vita.

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