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By Marie, the 26.05.2019

How to soothe dry cough quickly and easily!

Although dry cough is generally not dangerous for our health, it is unpleasant to live. So find out how to appease a dry rate quickly and easily.

Body cleansing reflex, cough is one of the most common symptoms. The dry cough, unlike the fat cough, does not expel mucus. Most often, it is an irritating cough, which accentuates the reflex and can quickly generate a vicious circle, not necessarily serious, but disturbing. Here are some tips for getting rid of dry cough.

Anti-cough syrups for dry cough

Faced with a start of Dry Cough, it is tempting to run to the pharmacy, and finish as soon as possible. A good idea ? Yes, only if your cough is not caused by an allergy or physical exertion, in which case it may be hiding a larger health problem. Also, be aware that only the mildest syrups are available over-the-counter. In other words, if your cough persists and / or worsens despite treatment, it is better to consult a doctor.

Natural Remedies for Dry Cough

You can not or do not want to resort to an allopathic remedy? No worries, know that many natural remedies for dry cough exist and have proven their effectiveness … provided they arm themselves with a little patience.


Anti-inflammatory and healing, honey is known to soothe sore throats. Take a tablespoonful of good honey, three to four times a day, to reduce the irritation of the throat and prevent the cough from getting worse.


More than an aromatic herb, thyme is also an excellent natural anti-infective. Three or four times a day, boil a cup of water, then let it infuse for 10 minutes one to two tablespoons of thyme leaves, and drink in small sips. If the bitterness of this drink repels you, simply add a spoonful of honey. However, note that thyme is prohibited during pregnancy, and not recommended after 17h because of its tonic properties.

Marshmallow roots

Infusion taken, these are recommended in combination with thyme. Dip one teaspoonful of chopped root into the cold water, then heat up and stop as soon as the water quivers. Let infuse 10 minutes.

Essential oils

Very popular in the field of natural health, essential oils are used in oral application, dermal, or fumigation.

Warnings: Never take undiluted essential oils, and do not use in children and pregnant women. In case of particular health problems, consult your doctor.

In short, even though syrup is the quickest way to get rid of a dry cough, other equally effective remedies exist, and often help treat the condition more deeply and thus prevent recurrence.

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