Was ist Kartensortierung für eine Internetseite? ¿Qué es la clasificación de tarjetas para un sitio de internet? O que é a classificação de cartões para um site da Internet? Qu\'est-ce que le tri par carte pour un site internet Che cos\'è l\'ordinamento delle carte per un sito internet
By Patrick, the 12.06.2019

What is card sorting for an internet site

What is card sorting for an internet site
Find out what sorting is done in the case of a website and what is the purpose of this method of working in the design of a website or an application.

Card sorting is an information architecture method that relies on user responses to design efficient and reliable web browsing. The approach consists in carrying out a set of tests with the users and in all the phases of conception of a website. From software or application development processes, the design of a user interface becomes a real challenge. Let's see how this method can organize the information present in a website and make sense for the users surveyed.

Reveal what is problematic

What makes the card sorting method relevant and useful in designing a website is above all the participation of users in the main critical tests on web content elements to be defined and designed as functional. . Then group the resulting discussions into categories according to a labeling process. Thus, it is possible in a convincing and credible way to identify a logical structure of the information architecture necessary for the design of the web interface. By this method, it is therefore easy to determine all the needs of users, as well as the constraints of ergonomics that can be problematic.

A useful method

Working on the information architecture of a website is above all:

This is why the UX designer or the ergonomist in charge of the design of the user-centered interface has a useful technical approach and consequently gives good results: card sorting.

The principle is simple, it consists of presenting to each user and in the form of maps the contents of the website, so that they can organize them in groups.

Thus, the reflection of the users in interaction with the UX designer or the ergonomist is carried out. And the results of the sorting collected become essential sources of information for the construction of menus and relevant sections. Each sort represents in a way the mental representations of the users to make functional and so that any interaction between the thus defined and proposed contents is fully and efficiently organized. Therefore, this method is very useful for developing an architectural and efficient site plan.

Therefore, this method is very useful for developing an architectural and efficient site plan. It is also the best way for the ergonomist or the UX designer to clearly identify the difficulties and the complexity of the information architecture, especially when it concerns the process apprehension and the classification of objects by the users. It all starts and everything is based on the user experience (UX). Without it, it is difficult to conceive a web ergonomics that is both optimal and useful for its content, its names and their organizations.

UX or Tri card sorting by UX cards, a user-centered design method.

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