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By Lucas, the 05.08.2019

Get away from it all and make new discoveries in the Argentine territory

Get away from it all and make new discoveries in the Argentine territory
Argentina occupies a fairly large part of South America. It shares borders with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean.

The country offers a variety of landscapes, making it an ideal destination for a change of scenery. Ranging from the Andes mountains to glacial lakes, passing through pastoral plains, the scenery is sublime. In addition, the territory offers new activities and shows.

Getting lost in the city of Ushuaia and its different nooks

To immediately fall in love with Argentina, Ushuaia is an ideal destination. She is perched on a steep hill in the middle of Cerro Martial and Beagle Channel. This tourist city offers several unmissable places that are well worth a visit. On an old jail, for example, there is the Maritime Museum and the Prison Museum. They are interested in the history of the country. The museum at the end of the world hosts tools that have been used by indigenous tribes. Tourists will also be able to watch film shows about nature and history. Hikers, however, will enjoy the Tierra del Fuego National Park. It is located in the west, along the border of Chile and at the edge of the Andes. With its many trails, backpackers will not be bored.

Admire the charming landscape of the city of San Carlos de Bariloche

After Ushuaia, visitors will love to visit San Carlos de Bariloche. It is located in the region of Patagonia, it has a breathtaking landscape. In fact, in the middle of the Andes Cordillera, this charming city borders the great lake Nahuel Huapi. Its fame rests on its Alpine-style Swiss architecture and its chocolate. To taste this delicacy, it is better to go to the shops of the main street, Calle Miter. A tailor-made trip to Argentina is also an opportunity to explore the national parks of the region. Such is the case of the huge Nahuel Huapi National Park. It presents a breathtaking scenery with its waterfalls, lakes, glaciers and the volcano called the Tronador. In addition, the site offers the opportunity to go hiking and climbing. A real paradise breaks the routine.

An extraordinary show at Iguazu National Park

Finally, the falls of Iguazu are among the must-sees in the land of gauchos. They are located within the Iguazu National Park. Making a tailor-made trip to Argentina without a ride would be a real shame. Through a 600 m path, visitors will enter the forest. Then they will take bridges, where they can fully admire the falls. The site hosts, in fact, 275 waterfalls in the heart of lush vegetation. Tourists will undoubtedly appreciate the spectacle that the place offers. However, the most impressive fall is surely the Garganta del Diablo. With a height of 80 m, she jumps into the river in a deafening crash. In addition, the wildlife of the reserve is well diversified.

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