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By Marie, the 12.06.2019

Discover the new swimsuit launched by Pornhub

Discover the new swimsuit launched by Pornhub
Do not you feel that we are coming back to an era of dazzling progress? The unbridled evolution of smartphones, electric cars, the advent of social networks, etc.

We are there, the Future and its dazzling wonders. Among them, now count one whose appearance will date, hold it for said: the Bonerless bathing follows.

Cover this stiffness, which I can not see

This masculine swimsuit offers itself to solve a major inconvenience that undergoes to their greatest dismay many men on the beaches. Let's say that the exposure of bodies to the harsh sunlight can lead to an uncontrollable physiological reaction. It would seem, but no survey has been done yet. In short, it is a matter of camouflaging impromptu 'tentage'. Or more exactly the untimely erection.

Swimsuit Pornhub

The swimsuit launched by Pornhub

To do this, Pornhub, no longer presented, has proposed to intervene in the field of fashion clothing. For the stated purpose of creating a swimsuit that can uninhibit the wearer on the beaches. It is not a question of preventing the phenomenon from occurring, let us be clear, but rather to hide it from view. The feat is performed by shorts 100% Lycra, whose front is lined inside with a material molding. No discomfort, we promise. To see the use.

Bonerless bathing suit

The Bonerless bathing follows

The total serenity is finally offered to men, who can stretch out on their briefcase, or wander on the sand, without fearing that a passing emotion comes to inflate their crotch. In any case, by carrying such a promise, we bet that these shorts to all its chances to be in fashion this summer.

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